Moon ocean

Selected Poems

The below poems were written over the past few years, and also recently published in Z Publishing’s Best Emerging Poets of New Hampshire 2019!

The Once and Silver King

The once and silver king

Betrothed, betrayed, believed

Under silken starried sky

Truth waits on cursed dreams

For once, for naught, for all

Buried in kingdom’s requiem

Lost in tidal shifts

The ocean takes

The ocean drifts

Fire escapes lips


Shadows dark, drip tendrils forth,

Unfurled airy wisps

Tickle the dust, unstirred.

Sparkling dew drops fall

As faceted gemstones, splintered, in the night.

In eyes, in bright glistenings,

Reflect stars of a divinity.

Breaking free from a cage of billowy cumulus,

She rises upon the skies,

Once swallowed whole, by the maw of the gods

A silver disc plunges into the black night.

The Apprentice

There is a glimmer

On the blade,

Sharp shadowed edges,

Pulsing blue;

Quivering hands tremble,

Metal clutched betwixt calloused palms;

Clasp it tighter,

Ring’s the man’s voice,

A fervid sparkle in his eye;

Starlight dazzles in fire opals

Delicately adorned across the hilt;

Her breath creeps faster in the cold;

She raises her weapon towards the sky,

A smile upon his lips as silver splits the dark

And red blooms forth with the hurried


Lighting the fire in her eyes.

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