Blade Runner

Blade Runner – Tech in Sci-fi

In my mission to consume as much sci-fi media as possible while writing my novel, I recently watched the Blade Runner movies. (And honestly, I should write a review post for the podcast I’m on, ’cause HOO BOY… Read More

Becoming “Me” Again

365 days ago, I wrote a blog post titled “I Don’t Know How to be ‘Me’ Anymore.” At the time, I was going through a lot – my anxiety was through the roof, I was just starting to… Read More


Roaming the Wilds of Akkala – Mindfulness in Unexpected Places

Following the road along the back end of Upland Zorana, you’ll find yourself at a fork in the road. Stay left to cross the Akkala span and ride along the western plains, or veer right towards the lake…. Read More

I Don’t Know How to be “Me” Anymore

If you’re not a fan of melancholic meanderings, maybe don’t read this. I don’t think it’s really written for you anyways? “Why post it on the internet, then??” to which I will reply to you with that dumb… Read More